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By Mrs M, Apr 16 2017 04:18PM

Well, we've had a very busy few weeks here at Healy's of Winwick, there's lots going on in the cider house. As our favourite time of year fast approaches, the cider and sausage season, Ben's been beavering away getting this years finest batch of cider ready for those long, sunny, summer evenings.

We can't quite believe it, but Ben has now bottled his 1000th bottle of Healy's of Winwick goodness all by hand. By the way, if you fancy a cider chat, you can always ask him how many apples have been through the cider house doors... he loves that kind of thing!

If he's not in the cider house, you can be sure that Ben is out and about delivering and showing off our beloved range in his hand made HoW sample bottle carrier (well he is a time served carpenter too after all). Make sure you check out our stockists list as a refresher on where to pick up a bottle, or two, to enjoy on the sunny evenings that are fast approaching; we certainly will be (don't forget it can be enjoyed all year round, but us Brits have to savour the sun when it arrives!).

After such a great first year, we've had to put on our thinking caps and come up with some new cider names, so, this year we'll be introducing... (drum roll please)

Cheeky Charlie

A tribute to Mrs M's cheeky horse that's been a member of the family for 16 fun filled years


Donkey Derby

In recognitioin of the impending arrival of Mrs Healy's long earred friends... well she needs something to keep her busy whilst Ben's lost to the world of cider!

In case you're wondering - or worrying - about next year's range, don't! We're continuing Winwick Gold and Just George, we know they're our crowd favourites and who are we to disagree?

That's enough news, we're eating into valuable cider drinking time... enjoy.

By Mrs M, Apr 16 2017 03:31PM

Great news, our ciders will be featuring at the Brampton Beer Festival. Pop down to the Brampton Halt from Thursday 20th April - Sunday 23rd April to enjoy a crisp refreshing glass of Healy's of Winwick cider (might we suggest a Winwick Gold to get started? Then who knows what the night will hold...).

By guest, Apr 16 2017 03:05PM

We've launched this news page, which is, well, new... Bookmark it to keep updated with all the latest Healy's of Winwick related news from the cider house. We're looking forward to keeping you more updated on our great tasting, locally crafted, Northamptonshire Cider (was that sales marketing-y enough?)

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